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Hong Sang Eo (Red Shark) Torpedo
Red-Shark cutway.png
Hong Sang Eo (Red Shark) torpedo cutaway
TypeAnti-submarine missile
Place of originSouth Korea
Service history
In service2010-
Used byRepublic of Korea Navy
Production history
DesignerAgency for Defense Development
ManufacturerLIG Nex1
Unit cost 2,000,000,000
Weight820 kg
Length5.7 m
Width0.38 m

EngineTVC Rocket Motor
19 km
Speed45+ knots (83+ km/h)

The Hong Sang Eo (Red Shark) torpedo (Hangul: 홍상어 어뢰), also called the K-ASROC, is a vertically launched anti-submarine missile successively developed and tested by South Korea's University of Science and Technology, the Korea Agency for Defense Development (ADD) and the Republic of Korea Navy in 2009.[1] The Red Shark missile has a range of 12 miles (19 km)[2] and carries a K745 Blue Shark torpedo that is deployed by parachute near the intended target. After release, the Blue Shark independently searches for the target.

The missiles are planned to be deployed on KDX-II and KDX-III destroyers starting in 2010. Each destroyer will carry between 8 (KDX-II) and 16 (KDX-III) of the missiles. The development cost of the program was around US$ 80 million,[2] with a production cost of about $14 million.[2] They were designed in order to combat the potential threat of North Korean submarines.[2]

Production Phase Production Date Production number Notes
Phase 1 2010-2012 60-70[3] -
Phase 2 2013-2015[4] n/a -


The Red Shark missiles are fitted to the following ship classes

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