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Origin Laguna Beach, California, United States
Genres Folk rock, Rock
Years active 1970 (1970)—1975 (1975); 1983 (1983)—present
Labels Granite, 20th Century, Epic
Associated acts Chicago
Website Official website
Members Will Brady
Craig Buhler
Tris Imboden
Richard Stekol
Beth Fitchet Wood
Steve Wood
Past members Mike Caruselle
Don Whaley

Honk is an American rock band, based in Laguna Beach, California. They are best known for providing the soundtrack for the surf documentary film, Five Summer Stories.


The band was formalized in 1970, recorded some demo songs, and then recorded their first album for a $1500 fee. It was the soundtrack[1][2] for the "cinematic cult classic"[3] surf film,[4] Five Summer Stories. In the early 1970s they toured with The Beach Boys, Chicago, Jackson Browne and Dave Mason before splitting up in 1975. The band reformed in 1985 and continue to occasionally perform.[5]

"Honk had a reputation for being a musician's kind of band," Stekol said. "It was a lot of fun. Honk's problem was with the business, not the players. No one had any difficulty with anyone else in the band. But no one had the ego to stay with it when things weren't working."

— Richard Stekol, of Honk[5]


  • Will Brady (bass and vocals)
  • Craig Buhler (saxophone, clarinet, and flute)
  • Tris Imboden (drums)
  • Richard Stekol (vocals and guitar)
  • Beth Fitchet Wood (vocals and guitar)
  • Steve Wood (keyboards and vocals)

Honk's drummer, Tris Imboden, has also been a member of several other notable groups. This includes the Kenny Loggins Band, which was featured in the Number One soundtracks for prominent 1980s films, Caddyshack and Footloose. He has been the full-time drummer for the multi-platinum Chicago since 1990.[6]

As drummer for the Kenny Loggins Band, Tris Imboden would collaborate with Richard Stekol. Loggins and Stekol co-wrote "Mr. Night", which was published in the album Keep the Fire and later in the soundtrack for Caddyshack.[7][8]

Steve Wood is an award winner for his work on the soundtracks for the IMAX movies Everest and The Living Sea.[9]


Year Album Publisher Track List Source
1972 The Original Soundtrack From
Five Summer Stories
Granite Records [2][10][11]
1973 Honk 20th Century Records [3]
1973 [live track] [no label]
1974 Honk Epic Records
1991 Coach House Live Restless Records
2004 Honk
[Expanded Edition of 1973]
Hip-O Select



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