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Honor was a Polish Rock Against Communism (RAC) band. Their lyrical themes are related to National Socialism, anti-communism, neopaganism, soccer hooliganism, and the white power skinhead movement. Until 1999, the band played typical RAC, and then moved to pagan metal music. In January 2002, vocalist Mariusz Szczerski was arrested for spreading neo-Nazism and antisemitism. After his death from a car accident in 2005, the band stopped playing. Honor is on the Anti-Defamation League List of Hate Music Groups.[1]

Former members[edit]

  • Olaf Jasiński - guitar, bass
  • Mariusz Szczerski "Szczery" - vocals
  • Piotr Marcinowski - drums
  • Janusz Filipowski - drums
  • Karol Cegliński - bass

Session musicians[edit]

  • Robert "Rob Darken" Fudali - keyboards
  • Paweł "Stormblast" Pietrzak - drums during shows
  • Zyklon - bass during shows



  • 1994 Oi! Dla Ojczyzny Vol.1
  • 1995 Skinheads
  • 2001 Day of the Rope Vol.1
  • 2001 For All White Nationalists
  • 2002 Głos Słowiańskiej Dumy vol.1

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