Honoured Enemy

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Honoured Enemy
Feist & Forstchen - Honoured Enemy Coverart.png
Honoured Enemy first edition cover.
Author Raymond E. Feist
William R. Forstchen
Cover artist Geoff Taylor
Country United States
Language English
Series Legends of the Riftwar
Genre Fantasy
Publisher Harper Collins
Publication date
August 6, 2001 (UK)
June 27, 2006 (US)
Media type Print (hardback)
Pages 336 (first edition)
ISBN 0-00-648388-7 (UK)
ISBN 0-06-079283-3 (US)
OCLC 48931874
Followed by Murder in LaMut

Honoured Enemy (or Honored Enemy in the US) is a fantasy novel by American writers Raymond E. Feist and William R. Forstchen. It is the first book written in the Legends of the Riftwar and is the only one of the series to be coauthored by William R. Forstchen. The story is set in the fantasy world of Midkemia, which is the world used for the majority of Raymond E. Feist's books.

Honoured Enemy is written to coincide with the events in Feist's Riftwar Saga acting as a sidebar to the main action from the saga. It focuses on a group of elite soldiers trapped behind enemy lines, forced to ally with one, honourable, enemy to defeat a dishonourable enemy. The novel was explicitly written to have resonances with Bernard Cornwell's novels about Richard Sharpe.

It was first released by Harper Collins on August 6, 2001 in the United Kingdom. Roughly five years later Harper Collins released it into the US market.

Plot introduction[edit]

Hartraft's Marauders, a band of kingdom raiders have come across a Tsurani patrol at a garrison overrun by moredhel (dark elves). This forces them to band together to survive.


At the beginning of the book, Duke Borric of Crydee is said to be second in command of the Armies of the West, to Lord Brucal, Duke of Yabon. However, in Feist's original Riftwar novel, Magician, Borric of Crydee is given command of the Armies of the West, with Brucal serving as his second.

The "mad King", Rodric the Fourth, had proposed giving command of the armies to Brucal, at the suggestion of Duke Caldric of Rillanon. However, when the Tsurani attack and overrun some of Brucal's Yabonese garrisons, the King became outraged and instead gives command to Borric.