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Hoo may refer to:


  • Hoo St Werburgh, a village and civil parish on the Hoo Peninsula in Kent
  • Hoo, Suffolk, a village and a civil parish in Suffolk
  • Hoo Peninsula, peninsula in England separating the estuaries of the rivers Thames and Medway
  • Hoo Stack, small island off Nesting, Shetland in Shetland


  • Hoo Cher Mou, Singaporean air force general and chief
  • Hōō Tomomichi (1956–2013), Japanese sumo wrestler
  • Hoo Yee Fan (born 1994), Chinese chess prodigy
  • Brandon Soo Hoo (born 1995), American teen actor in the 2008 Ben Stiller film Tropic Thunder
  • Geri Hoo (1939–2007), actress, 1958 Miss Universe contestant as a representative of Hawaii
  • Iso Hoo (real name: Carl Henrik Rosenberg), (born 1979), Finnish rapper
  • Lim Seng Hoo (born 1956), Singaporean chess International Master
  • Sim Wong Hoo (born 1955), CEO and Chairman of Creative Technology
  • Thomas Hoo, Baron Hoo and Hastings (died 1455), member of the ancient "Hoo" or "de Hoo" family of England


  • Hoo (film), a 2010 Indian film
  • Hōō, Japanese name for the fenghuang or phoenix
  • The Hoo, large detached house in the London Borough of Camden
  • Hoo Junction, rail yard on the North Kent Line, near Higham, Kent and Shorne Marshes
  • Fort Hoo, a fort on an island in the River Medway, Kent
  • Mount Hōō (鳳凰山), a mountain in the Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
  • HOO, code for Hooton railway station on the Wirral, England

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