Hop Along

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Hop Along
Hop Along - Frances Quinlan in Gainesville FL 2012.jpg
Frances Quinlan performing, 2012
Background information
Origin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Years active 2005–present
Labels Saddle Creek, Hot Green, Salinas
Associated acts Algernon Cadwallader
Website www.hopalongtheband.com
Members Frances Quinlan
Mark Quinlan
Tyler Long
Joe Reinhart
Past members Jacki Sulley[1]
Dominic Angelella[2]
Peter Helmis

Hop Along is an American indie folk-rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, formerly known as Hop Along, Queen Ansleis.[3]


Hop Along began as an acoustic freak folk solo project known as Hop Along, Queen Ansleis[4] in 2004, during Frances Quinlan's senior year in high school. This led to the release of the album Freshman Year in the summer of 2005.[5]

Quinlan performed an acoustic solo act for several years as she honed her style. "I would envy [full ensembles] because I thought that a band inherently carries more energy than a person does solo. I suppose you could argue that point, but when I was playing by myself it was just out of necessity. I wanted to play and I just couldn’t seem to get a band together. I wanted to write and I didn’t want to wait for anybody."[6]

Three years after her first album, Quinlan's brother Mark joined the project as drummer, followed by bassist Tyler Long in 2009. In light of the new formation, the name was shortened, possibly to better reflect the change from solo project to full band.[7] Hop Along went on to release an EP, Wretches, in 2009, and a full-length LP entitled Get Disowned on May 5, 2012,[8] winning a highly positive critical response from the independent music press.[9][10][11]

In October 2014, Hop Along signed to indie rock label Saddle Creek Records,[12] which released the band's third full-length record, Painted Shut, on May 4, 2015.

On January 22, 2018, the title and tracklisting of the band's fourth full-length record was revealed.[13] The first single "How Simple" appeared on streaming sites the next day after a postcard vinyl was sent in the mail.[14] The nine-track Bark Your Head Off, Dog was released on April 6, 2018. In an interview with Exclaim!, Frances Quinlan said, "For [2015's] Painted Shut, it came out the way it did just because time was limited. Coming out of that, we knew that for the next record we would require more time in the studio, so we tacked on a couple extra weeks to add layers and strings and Rhodes and more backing vocals. We worked on these songs knowing that we would have the freedom to do as much as we want."




  • Songs of The Sea (as Hop Along, Queen Ansleis) (2004)[2]
  • Is Something Wrong? (as Hop Along, Queen Ansleis) (2009)
  • Wretches (2009)


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