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Hope Gardens, or HG, is a public housing complex built and operated by the New York City Housing Authority and located in the Bushwick, Brooklyn neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City. It is composed of five separate housing project complexes:

  • Hope Gardens Complex
  • Bushwick II A & C
  • Bushwick II B & D
  • Bushwick II CDA
  • Palmetto Gardens

Hope Gardens consists of buildings 7 and 14-stories tall. There are 324 apartments housing an estimated 716 people.

Completed August 31, 1981, the complex, on 4.65-acres, is bordered by Wilson Avenue and Grove and Linden Streets.

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Coordinates: 40°41′46.41″N 73°55′5.07″W / 40.6962250°N 73.9180750°W / 40.6962250; -73.9180750