Horse Caves

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Horse Caves
Horse Caves at Mt. Norwottuck (Close-Up).jpg
The Horse Caves
Location Granby, Massachusetts
Coordinates 42°18′19″N 72°30′30″W / 42.30528°N 72.50833°W / 42.30528; -72.50833Coordinates: 42°18′19″N 72°30′30″W / 42.30528°N 72.50833°W / 42.30528; -72.50833
Elevation 254 m (833 ft)
Difficulty Easy

The Horse Caves of Granby, Massachusetts are a geological feature in the Holyoke Range.[1] These caves are really ledges. They are found along the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail to the east of the summit of Mount Norwottuck.

According to legend, some of the men fighting with Daniel Shays in Shays' Rebellion hid out in the Horse Caves after their defeat at the hands of the Massachusetts militia.


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