Horseshoe Lake (New Zealand)

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Horseshoe Lake is the name of four lakes in New Zealand.

Horseshoe Lake, Hawke's Bay[edit]

This is a very small lake approximately 14 km east of Waipawa in the Hawke's Bay region of the North Island of New Zealand. 39°55′S 176°46′E / 39.917°S 176.767°E / -39.917; 176.767

Horseshoe Lake, Waikato[edit]

This is a small lake in the western outskirts of Hamilton in the Waikato region of the North Island of New Zealand. 37°46′12″S 175°13′33″E / 37.77000°S 175.22583°E / -37.77000; 175.22583

Horseshoe Lake, Canterbury[edit]

This is a small lake approximately 27 km south west of Hanmer Springs in the Canterbury Region of the South Island of New Zealand. 42°35′52.18″S 172°31′19.05″E / 42.5978278°S 172.5219583°E / -42.5978278; 172.5219583

Horseshoe Lake, Christchurch[edit]

This is a small urban lake in northeast Christchurch, close to the Avon River. The area within the curve of the lake is a nature reserve. 43°29′41.42″S 172°40′27.35″E / 43.4948389°S 172.6742639°E / -43.4948389; 172.6742639