Horvat Uza

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Horvat Uza
חורבת עוזה
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Hurvat Uzza, overlooking Kina River at Arad Valley, Israel.
Horvat Uza is located in Israel
Horvat Uza
Shown within Israel
LocationNegev, Israel
Coordinates31°12′33″N 35°09′56″E / 31.20917°N 35.16556°E / 31.20917; 35.16556Coordinates: 31°12′33″N 35°09′56″E / 31.20917°N 35.16556°E / 31.20917; 35.16556

Horvat Uza (Hebrew: חורבת עוזה‎) is an archaeological site located in the northeast of the Negev desert in Israel. The site is located in the east of the Arad valley and overlooks Nahal Qinah. In ancient times, forts were established there to control the wadi road, linking Judea to Arabah and the territory of Edom. It was mentioned as Qina by Josephus in book 15 of his Antiquities.[1]


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