Hospital Maciel

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Hospital Maciel
Hospital Maciel - Calle 25 de Mayo.jpg
Hospital Maciel, 25 de Mayo Str.
Location Montevideo, Uruguay
Coordinates 34°54′30″S 56°12′43″W / 34.90833°S 56.21194°W / -34.90833; -56.21194Coordinates: 34°54′30″S 56°12′43″W / 34.90833°S 56.21194°W / -34.90833; -56.21194
Hospital type General
Founded 1825 (actual)
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Hospital Maciel is a hospital in Montevideo, located in the western part of the Old City. It is one of the oldest hospitals in Uruguay. The land was originally donated in Spanish colonial times by philanthropist Francisco Antonio Maciel, who teamed up with Mateo Vidal to establish a hospital and charity. The first building was extended between 1781 and 1788, and later expanded on over time. The actual building is dated to 1825 with the plans of José Toribio (son of Tomás Toribio) and later Bernardo Poncini (wing on the Guaraní street, 1859), Eduardo Canstatt (corner of Guaraní and 25 de Mayo) and Julián Masquelez (1889).[1] The hospital has a temple, the Charity Chapel, built in Greek style by Miguel Estévez in 1798.[2]


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