Hotaru Beam

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Unsolved Hotaru Beam grid

Hotaru Beam is a binary-determination logic puzzle published by Nikoli.


Hotaru Beam is played on a rectangular grid, usually of dashed lines, in which numbers in circles appear at some of the intersections on the grid. Additionally, each circle has a dot on one of the grid lines leading into the circle.

Solved Hotaru Beam grid

The object is to draw solid lines along the grid lines to connect the circles in a single, contiguous network. The network may not branch or cross over itself, except at a circle. The number in a circle indicates how many turns the network will take when traveling in the direction indicated by the dot before connecting to another circle. For example, a 4 circle with a dot on the right hand-side will have a line coming out of the right-hand side which will turn four times before connecting to another circle.

Solution methods[edit]

A zero circle is a given: It will have at least one line going straight in the direction of the dot until it hits another circle. Each circle will have a line coming out of it in the direction of the dot. Since turning at the corner of the grid counts as a turn, a 1 circle near the corner may be forced to simply continue along the edge of the grid.

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