Hotel Deauville (Miami)

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The Deauville Beach Resort at 6701 Collins Ave, Miami, FL 33141, is a celebrated beachfront hotel on Miami Beach. It was designed by Melvin Grossman and built in 1957.

1920s hotel[edit]

The original 1926 hotel and casino was built by Joe Elsener.[1] In 1936 it became the MacFadden-Deauville after purchase by Bernarr MacFadden.[2]


  1. ^ That hotel never happened, but real estate investor Joe Elsener, who had showed the property to Stolts, several years later, decided to built the Deauville Hotel and Casino in 1926
  2. ^ Carolyn Klepser Lost Miami Beach- 2014 - 1625849591 In December 1956, as the Deauville was being demolished “to make way for a new hotel and shopping center,” an acetylene torch caught the debris on fire and finished the process. Architect Melvin Grossman designed a new Deauville