Hotel Majestic (Tunis)

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Hotel Majestic
Hotel Majestic (Tunis) is located in Tunisia
Hotel Majestic (Tunis)
Location in Tunisia
General information
Location Avenue de Paris, Tunis, Tunisia
Address 36, Avenue de Paris - 1000 - Tunis
Coordinates 36°48′16″N 10°10′48″E / 36.80444°N 10.18000°E / 36.80444; 10.18000
Technical details
Floor count 4
Other information
Number of rooms 22

Hotel Majestic is a historical hotel on the Avenue de Paris in Tunis, Tunisia. It was built in 1914 and is noted for its Art Nouveau architecture with a white facade and gently curved corners.[1] The hotel is four storeys high and the first floor has a terrace. The hotel overlooks the Jardin Habib Thameur.


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