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Hatzfeld(t) coat of arms

The House of Hatzfeld, also spelled Hatzfeldt, is a prominent German Countly and Princely family. They belonged to high nobility originally from Hesse. The family is first mentioned in 1138 and has its ancestral seat in Hatzfeld. In 1418 the family inherited Wildenburg Castle near Friesenhagen, a Lordship with Imperial immediacy, from the Lords of Wildenburg.

Melchior von Hatzfeld (1593–1658), Field Marshal in the Thirty Years' War, became the first Count in 1635.

Franz Phillip Adrian became the first Prussian Fürst (Prince of Hatzfeld-Gleichen-Trachenberg) in 1741 (the branch extinguished in 1794). The Hatzfeldt-Werther-Schönstein branch inherited Trachenberg and became Prussian Princes of Hatzfeldt and Trachenberg in 1803 and Prussian Dukes of Trachenberg in 1900 (still existing). The Hatzfeld-Wildenburg-Weisweiler branch inherited Crottorf, Schönstein, Kalkum as well as numerous other properties in 1794 and became Prussian Princes of Hatzfeld-Wildenburg in 1834 (the branch extinguished in 1941 and was inherited by Count Hermann Dönhoff who took on the name of his mother's family: Count von Hatzfeldt-Wildenburg-Dönhoff).


Count Melchior von Hatzfeldt (1593–1658), Field Marshal in the Thirty Years' War