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IndustryInternet - Online Student Accommodation
FounderNiels van Deuren
Number of employees
80+ (2018)

HousingAnywhere.com is an international online accommodation platform specializing in accommodation for students. The start-up founded in 2009 has its headquarters in Rotterdam.[1]


The HousingAnywhere student initiative was founded in 2009. The organization was developed from a small student project by Niels van Deuren[2] when he was studying a degree in International Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management. His studies included a semester abroad at the National University of Singapore, through which he became aware of a problem and a gap in the student housing market. Van Deuren noted the difficulty in finding accommodation in Singapore, and also in subletting his room in Rotterdam.[3]

The first international market entries took place in 2011 in Germany, Spain, France and Denmark. HousingAnywhere started on a small scale looking for collaborations with Dutch universities, through which the universities would promote the platform to their students. Housing Anywhere has been operating outside Europe since 2015 and has partnerships with universities in Brazil, Mexico,[4] and the US.[5][6]

In 2014 HousingAnywhere took over the Danish competitor, Casa Swap. In the same year, Djordy Seelmann[7] became one of the main shareholders of HousingAnywhere and Head of Development.

In 2018 Djordy Seelmann, one of the main shareholders and Head of Development of HousingAnywhere became CEO[8].


The business model of HousingAnywhere is based on the sharing economy. Students who go abroad and leave an empty room in the city of their university can post their room on the platform, and students looking for a site can rent these rooms.[9] In addition, by having partnerships with universities around the world the company is partly funded by membership fees from participating universities. The platform is free for students when they book their accommodation but HousingAnywhere charges a reservation fee for using its secure reservation system.[10] This backup system includes a guarantee of no loss of money, as a solution for dealing with scams that may be on the platform.[11][12]


In 2016 HousingAnywhere raised €5m in Series A funding round, The funding comes from Netherlands-based venture capital firm henQ, which has also invested in Housing Anywhere previously, and from Real Web, which operates Immobiliare.it, a real estate website in Italy and Poland.[13][14]


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