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Houston Brewing Company
Location Houston, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Opened 1997

The Houston Brewing Company is a brewery formerly in the village of Houston in Renfrewshire, Scotland. It was attached to, and operated in common with, the Fox & Hounds public house and, as a result of its size, is classed as a microbrewery.[1]

It produces a constant range of seven cask condition ales, alongside a range of seasonal and bottled beers.


The Houston Brewing Company was established in 1997 and was originally attached to The Fox and Hounds pub. On 29 Sept 2014 the property owners, MRY 500 went into Administration however the brewery is independently owned and is still a thriving business, distributing throughout the UK including ALDI supermarkets and Wetherspoons.


The seven principal cask ales are (with alcohol by volume levels denoted):

  • Killellan Bitter, 3.7%
  • Peter's Well, 4.2%
  • Texas, 4.3%
  • Warlock Stout, 4.7%
  • Blonde Bombshell, 4%
  • Tartan Terror, 4.5%
  • Black & Tan, 4.2%

The principal cask ales are available throughout the year in the United Kingdom.

A feature of the Houston Brewing Company is the range of season ales that are produced (currently one per month) for distribution throughout Scotland and the UK. The caricature style labels for the seasonal beers often depict members of staff of the Fox & Hounds pub.


Various beers from the Houston Brewing Company have won a number of awards and accolades from the Campaign for Real Ale and the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) in both UK national and Scottish regional contests. Most notable amongst these achievements are:

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