Hovgaard Island

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Hovgaard Island
Hovgaard Island.jpg
Hovgaard Island
Hovgaard Island is located in Antarctic Peninsula
Hovgaard Island
Hovgaard Island
Antarctic Peninsula
Location Antarctica
Coordinates 65°7′S 64°4′W / 65.117°S 64.067°W / -65.117; -64.067Coordinates: 65°7′S 64°4′W / 65.117°S 64.067°W / -65.117; -64.067
Archipelago Wilhelm Archipelago
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System
Population Uninhabited

Hovgaard Island is an island 6 km (3 nmi) long, lying off the northwest coast of Kiev Peninsula, 2.8 km (1.5 nmi) southwest of Booth Island in the Wilhelm Archipelago, Antarctica.

It was discovered and named "Krogmann-Insel" (Krogmann Island) by the German 1873–74 expedition under Eduard Dallmann, but the name Hovgaard, after Polar explorer and officer of the Danish Navy Andreas Hovgaard,[1] applied by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition, 1897–99, under Gerlache, has overtaken the original name in usage. The name Krogmann Point has been given to the western extremity of Hovgaard Island.[2]

Hovgaard Island is a popular location for camping in Antarctica among expedition groups due to the presence of a relatively flat campsite along Penola Strait. Campers dig "snow graves" to sleep in. The holes offer protection from the wind.[3]

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 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Hovgaard Island" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).