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Howler may refer to:

  • Howler (band), a band from Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • The Howler, a roller coaster at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana
  • The Howler (video game), a video game
  • Howler (Animorphs), a fictional alien species from the Animorphs setting
  • Howler, a type of magic object from the Harry Potter series
  • Howler (mascot), the mascot of the Arizona Coyotes
  • Howler, a kind of mathematical fallacy that produces a correct result in spite of incorrect logic
  • Howler (error) a glaring blunder, typically an amusing one.
  • Howlers, fictional creatures from the PlayStation 3 game Resistance: Fall of Man
  • Howler, original name of Velociraptor Screech from The Land Before Time TV series
  • Hewlêr, the Kurdish name for the city of Arbil, Iraq
  • Howler monkey, among the largest of the New World monkeys
  • Howler tone, another name for off-hook tone, a tone alerting subscribers to the receiver having been left off the hook
  • Howlers, strong omnivorous creatures which is mutated from cat family in Metro 2033