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Hristo Karastoyanov (born 22 February 1950) is a contemporary Bulgarian novelist.

Born in Topolovgrad, he studied Bulgarian Philology at Plovdiv University and made his debut in 1981 with the "Cracked Asphalt", stories.

He is the author of 26 books – fiction, political journalism and poetry. His novel “Autopia: The Other Road to Hell”, (2003), is in the list of the first five books, nominated for the Vick Foundation award. Others of his books (“Nefertiti in a Dark Night”, 2001, “Death Is of Preference”, 2003, “Consequences”, 2005, “”, 2008, “The Spider”, 2008), have been nominated for the award of Helikon Bookstores, these include his latest novel “The Name”, 2012.

He has been awarded a number of literary prizes, among which the first prize in the unpublished novel contest of “Razvitie” Corporation (for his novel “Death is of Preference”, 2003), award of Bulgarian Writers’ Union for “Notes on Historical Naiveté”, 1999, the “Golden Chainlet” short-story award of Trud Daily, the national “Chudomir” award for humorous story.

His book “Kocama Karı Arıyorum” in Turkish (“Wanted: A Wife for My Husband”), “Janet 45” Publishing house, 2006, was presented at the 25th Istanbul Book Fair (2006).

He is a member of the professional Bulgarian Writers’ Union. He works and lives in Yambol. Hristo Karastoyanov is married, and has a son and grandchildren.


  • „Life has no second half”, novel, 2018
  • „The Same Night Awaits Us All: Diary of a Novel”, novel, (in English in the US), 2018
  • „Postscript”, novel, 2016
  • „The Same Night Awaits Us All: Diary of a Novel”, novel, 2014
  • Teufelszwirn”, Roman in drei Büchern. Aus dem Bulgarischen von Andreas Tretner. Dittrich Verlag GmbH, Berlin 2012''
  • The Name, novel, 2012
  • The Spider, novel, 2009, reprint 2011
  •, novel, 2008
  • Parallel Paranoias, stories, (two volumes – ID: The Year of the Tiger and 2007: Extant Memories), 2008
  • Atlantis: Acts, novel, (bilingual: Bulgarian and English), 2008
  • Kocama Karı Arıyorum, stories, in Turkish (“Wanted: A Wife for My Husband”) 2006
  • Consequences, stories, 2005
  • La Vie En Rose and Others of That Type, stories, 2004
  • Death Is of Preference, novel, 2003
  • Autopia: The Other Road to Hell, novel, 2003
  • Nefertiti in a Winter Night, stories, 2001
  • ID: The Year of the Tiger, stories, (co-writer: Lyubomir Kotev), 2000
  • Notes on Historical Naiveté, political journalism, 1999
  • The Death of Sancho Panzo, poetry, 1997
  • Life: The Third Lie, stories, 1996
  • Dusty Summer, novel, 1995
  • Notes from the Times When the Future Was Bright, stories, 1993
  • Dodder (trilogy: Perpetuum Mobile, Dodder and Mixed Up Chronicle), 1990 and 2001
  • Ripe Taste, stories, 1989
  • Mixed Up Chronicle, novel, 1987
  • This Eternal Land, political journalism, 1985
  • Perpetuum Mobile, novel, 1984
  • Matvei Valev, literary critical essay, 1982
  • Cracked Asphalt, stories, 1981

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