Hrudaya Sangama

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Hrudaya Sangama
Directed byRashi Brothers
Produced byMuddukrishna H N
Jayasimha H N
Maruthi H N
Screenplay byG. Balasubramanyam
Rashi Brothers
Story byMuddukrishna H N
K. S. Ashwath
Music byVijaya Bhaskar
CinematographyD. V. Jayaram
Edited byV. P. Krishnan
MJM Productions
Release date
Running time
165 minutes

Hrudaya Sangama (Kannada: ಹೃದಯ ಸಂಗಮ) is a 1972 Indian Kannada language drama directed by Rashi Brothers and produced by MJM Productions. It starred Rajkumar and Bharathi in the lead roles.[1] The film was part black-and-white and part color, thus making it a partial color film. Vijaya Bhaskar scored the music and the story was written by H. N. Muddukrishna.The movie saw a theatrical run of 18 weeks.[2]

The film, upon release, was critically acclaimed and went on to win the Karnataka State Award for fourth best film for the year 1972-73.

Rajkumar plays a dual role in the movie. However, this movie is not considered as a movie with double role since the second character appears only for three minutes on-screen in spite of it being an important plot twist.[3]



The music of the film was composed by Vijaya Bhaskar.[4] The song "Nee Thanda Kanike" was received extremely well and considered as one of the evergreen duet songs.

Track list[edit]

# Title Singer(s) Lyrics
1 "Nee Thanda Kanike" P. B. Sreenivas, S. Janaki R. N. Jayagopal
2 "Nade Nade Nade Manave" P. B. Sreenivas Geethapriya
3 "Gandhada Nerigyole" Mahesh, Anjali Geethapriya
4 "Yaaru Nee Yaaru" L. R. Eswari Chi. Udaya Shankar
5 "Yeno Kurudu Bhavane" S. Janaki Vijaya Narasimha
6 "Nee Thanda Kanike" S. Janaki R. N. Jayagopal

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