Hubschraubermuseum Bückeburg

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Hubschraubermuseum Bückeburg
Bückeburg Hubschraubermuseum 2011-by-RaBoe-82.jpg
Established 1971
Location Bückeburg, Lower Saxony
Type Aviation museum
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The Hubschraubermuseum Bückeburg (Bückeburg Helicopter Museum) is located in the German town of Bückeburg, 30 miles (50 km) to the west of Hannover. The museum is the sole museum in Germany specialising in rotary-wing flight and one of few worldwide. The museum is dedicated to the history and technology of the helicopter.[1]


Sergeant Major Werner Noltemeyer gathered parts, models, books and photographs of rotary-wing aircraft while he was trained to become helicopter pilot in the German Army Aviation Corps. In 1959 the German School of Army Aviation had been established in Bückeburg. In the late 1960s city council of Bückeburg offered him an old timbered building for use as a museum. Werner Noltemeyer established the exhibition so the museum opened in 1971. Because of shortage of space in 1980 has been completed an additional exhibition hall for the huge helicopters. The latest enlargement took place in 2011 with the new cubic building out of glass.

Model of Leonardo da Vinci's Aerial Screw Invention
Flight Simulator for virtual flights by visitors
New cubic building in 2011

Hubschrauberzentrum e. V.[edit]

The Hubschrauberzentrum e. V. (Helicopter Centre Association) - founded in 1970 - is an organisation of volunteers that operates and maintains the museum. The association maintains an extensive archive and a library for scientific study of the history of rotorcraft.


Displayed in the museum are single and multi-rotor helicopters, gyrocopters, gyrodynes as well as numerous helicopter models, historical photos, working models of rotors, technical demonstration and teaching material, parts, tools or equipment for helicopters. A helicopter simulator is available for museum visitors.

Single-rotor helicopters[edit]

Exhibits include the following helicopter types:

Multi-rotor helicopters[edit]



Helicopter simulator[edit]

  • for virtual flights by visitors

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Coordinates: 52°15′41″N 9°02′49″E / 52.26139°N 9.04694°E / 52.26139; 9.04694