Hudson Lake station

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Hudson Lake
NICTD Hudson Lake.jpg
Hudson Lake station (westbound view)
Location County Road 700N and Chicago Road, Hudson Lake, Indiana
Coordinates 41°42′34″N 86°32′15″W / 41.70944°N 86.53750°W / 41.70944; -86.53750
Owned by NICTD
Platforms 1 side platform
Tracks 1
Structure type At-grade platform with bus shelter
Other information
Fare zone 10
Electrified Yes (1500v DC)
Preceding station   NICTD   Following station
South Shore Line
South Shore Line
before 1994
toward South Bend

Hudson Lake is a train stop operated by the South Shore Line in the unincorporated community of Hudson Lake, Indiana. It is one of a very few interurban stations located in a rural region of the United States, being located approximately halfway between the much larger communities of Michigan City and South Bend. The station is composed of a passenger shelter, a sign, a small concrete pad, and a small parking lot.

Like most interurban railroads of the early 20th century, the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend Railroad was designed to string together farm communities with nearby cities. Most of these interurban railroads have ended this type of service, and the Hudson Lake station is one of the few such stations that remain.

As of 2017, the Hudson Lake station is a flag stop. A customer seeking to board the train here is requested to push a button and activate a flashing strobe light that will catch the attention of the train engineer.

The Hudson Lake station has a passenger shelter and parking lots on both sides of the tracks (though only the one closest to the station belongs to NICTD). It has the shortest platform in the entire South Shore Line, as it is only long enough to berth one train car.

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Coordinates: 41°42′34″N 86°32′15″W / 41.70944°N 86.53750°W / 41.70944; -86.53750