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15th Century–1520s


Capital Not specified
Languages Nahuatl
Religion Pre-Columbian Nahua religion
Government Monarchy
Historical era Pre-Columbian
 •  Established 15th Century
 •  Incorporated into New Spain 1520s
Succeeded by
Viceroyalty of New Spain

Huitzilopochco (sometimes called Churubusco, and other variants) was a small pre-Columbian Nahua altepetl (city-state) in the Valley of Mexico. Huitzilopochco was one of the Nauhtecuhtli ("Four Lords"), along with Culhuacan, Itztapalapan and Mexicatzinco. The name Huitzilopochco means "place of Huitzilopochtli (a god)" in Nahuatl. The inhabitants of Huitzilopochco were known as Huitzilopochca.