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Hulen ('The Cave') is a student-driven rock club in Bergen, Norway, that opened on 17 May 1969.[1][2] Hulen has its premises in an old bomb shelter below Nygårdshøyden in the city center of Bergen. The shelter is rented from the Norwegian Civil Defence.[1] During its 40 years of existence Hulen has been threatened with bankruptcy etc., but has managed to continue because of their volunteers and supporters.[1]


Hulen was once an air-raid shelter, which in 1968 was converted into a club for local students in Bergen, and opened on 17 May 1969.[3] The reason was partly that the students' old resident, Parkveien 1, was torn down.[3] In over 42 years that have elapsed since that time Hulen has also always served as a cultural alternative for students and music people.[3] Hulen is driven by pure idealism.[3] Around 80 people sacrifice some of their best years to keep the wheels rolling in the cave.[3]


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