Human Griefman

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Human Griefman
Studio album by Aion
Released February 25, 1990
Genre Thrash metal, speed metal
Length 31:18
Producer Aion
Aion chronology
Deathrash Bound
(1989)Deathrash Bound1989
Human Griefman

Human Griefman is the second album released by the Japanese metal band Aion. It is essentially the same album as Deathrash Bound, however, all of Hisayoshi's vocals have been replaced with Nov's, the lyrics were rewritten and most song titles were changed. Promotional videos of "Think Ever After" and "Amnesia" have been made to promote the band's work. The album was reissued on July 25th, 1991, as 'Human Griefman Remastering'.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Think Ever After" Nov Dean 3:35
2. "Care Killed the Cat" Nov S.A.B 3:48
3. "Feel Miserable" Nov Izumi 2:02
4. "Crazy Smile" Nov Dean 3:18
5. "Jack" Nov Izumi 1:56
6. "Amnesia" Nov Izumi 3:42
7. "Human Griefman" Nov Izumi 4:34
8. "Peter (Guitar Solo)"   Izumi 1:29
9. "Grow More Serious" Nov S.A.B 3:52
10. "Justice for Die" Nov Izumi 3:02


  • Nov – vocals
  • Izumi – lead and rhythm guitars
  • Dean – bass guitar
  • S.A.B – drums