Human Technology (EP)

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Human Technology EP
EP by BT
Released November 14, 2005
Genre Electronica, dance, techno
Length 12:27
Label Human Imprint
Producer BT
BT chronology
The Technology EP
Human Technology
This Binary Universe

The Human Technology EP is an extended play released by trance DJ BT in 2005 under the Human Imprint label.[1] It contains two remixes of two different songs from BT's fourth studio album, Emotional Technology.[2] The two songs remixed were "Knowledge of Self", a track featuring the Gang Starr rapper Guru, and "The Great Escape", a track featuring Caroline Lavelle, with remixes by Evol Intent and Alliance, respectively. It is BT's fifth EP and most recent to date.[3]

Track listing[edit]

Side A
No. Title Length
1. "Knowledge of Self (Evol Intent Remix)"   6:07
Side AA
No. Title Length
1. "The Great Escape (Alliance Remix)"   6:20


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