Human Technology (EP)

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Human Technology EP
EP by BT
Released November 14, 2005
Genre Electronica, dance, techno
Length 12:27
Label Human Imprint
Producer BT

The Human Technology EP is an extended play released by trance DJ BT in 2005 under the Human Imprint label.[1] It contains two remixes of two different songs from BT's fourth studio album, Emotional Technology.[2] The two songs remixed were "Knowledge of Self", a track featuring the Gang Starr rapper Guru, and "The Great Escape", a track featuring Caroline Lavelle, with remixes by Evol Intent and Alliance, respectively. It is BT's fifth EP and most recent to date.[3]

Track listing[edit]

Side A[edit]

  1. "Knowledge of Self (Evol Intent Remix)" - (6:07)[3]

Side AA[edit]

  1. "The Great Escape (Alliance Remix)" - (6:20)[3]


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