These Humble Machines

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These Humble Machines
Compilation album by BT
Released April 26, 2011
Genre Trance, electronica, glitch, breakbeat
Length 57:49
Label Nettwerk
405 Recordings
Black Hole Recordings
New State Recordings
Producer BT
BT chronology
These Hopeful Machines
(2010)These Hopeful Machines2010
These Humble Machines
These Re-Imagined Machines
(2011)These Re-Imagined Machines2011
Singles from These Humble Machines
  1. "Always"
    Released: April 25, 2011
  2. "A Million Stars"
    Released: July 19, 2011

These Humble Machines is a compilation album by American electronic musician BT, composed of edited versions of songs from his album These Hopeful Machines. Released on April 26, 2011,[1] the album was released with the intention of making the album more accessible for newer listeners while still displaying the same technical prowess found in its predecessor.[2] The album features some radio edits ("Suddenly", "Always") while also liberally using splice editing and fade-outs to edit down songs ("The Emergency", "Every Other Way", "Le nocturne de lumière").

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Suddenly" BT, Christian Burns 4:28
2. "The Emergency" BT, Christian Burns, Andrew Bayer 4:27
3. "Every Other Way" BT, JES 4:03
4. "The Light in Things" BT, JES 5:47
5. "The Rose of Jericho" BT 4:06
6. "Forget Me" BT, Christian Burns 5:10
7. "A Million Stars" BT, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Ulrich Schnauss 6:38
8. "Love Can Kill You" BT 4:07
9. "Always" BT, Rob Dickinson 4:29
10. "Le Nocturne de Lumière" BT 4:42
11. "The Unbreakable" BT, Rob Dickinson 6:51
12. "The Ghost in You" The Psychedelic Furs 4:51
Total length: 59:39


  • Track 1: Vocals by BT and Christian Burns
  • Track 2: Vocals by BT. Background vocals by Christian Burns.
  • Track 3: Vocals by JES. Background vocals by BT and Christian Burns.
  • Track 4: Vocals by JES.
  • Track 6: Vocals by BT. Background vocals by Christian Burns.
  • Track 7: Vocals by Kirsty Hawkshaw. Background vocals by BT.
  • Track 8: Vocals by BT. Background vocals by Christian Burns.
  • Track 9, 11: Vocals by Rob Dickinson.
  • Track 12: Vocals by BT. Background vocals by Amelia June.[1]


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