List of disabled human pseudogenes

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This is a list of human pseudogenes that are known to be disabled genes.

  • WNT3A pseudogene, associated with the growth of a tail[1]
  • NCF1C pseudogene, associated with a type of white blood cell.[2] It makes part of the neutrophil NADPH oxidase enzyme, which makes superoxide anion.[3]
  • GULO pseudogene, associated with the production of Vitamin C
  • IRGM pseudogene, associated with the immune system[4]
  • hHaA pseudogene, associated with fur-like body hair:[5] see hypertrichosis
  • DEFT1P pseudogene, associated with the immune system[6]
  • Urate oxidase pseudogene, associated with the processing of uric acid
  • Photolyase pseudogene, associated with repairing DNA damaged by UV radiation
    • Photolyase is no longer encoded for despite obvious advantages.[7] Instead, this gene is mutated to encode for cryptochromes.


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