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GenresAlternative rock, folk pop
Years active2004–2006
LabelsEMI (2004-present)
Albums: Humanos, Humanos ao vivo

Humanos (Portuguese for Humans) is a musical band from Portugal formed in 2004. The idea behind it was to bring to light some unreleased songs by an iconic Portuguese artist, a singer-songwriter from the 1980s, António Variações.

David Fonseca, Manuela Azevedo (the lead singer of another Portuguese music group, Clã), Camané (one of the most famous Portuguese fadistas), Sérgio Nascimento (a member of Sérgio Godinho’s band), Hélder Gonçalves (also from Clã), Nuno Rafael and João Cardoso are the seven members of a group responsible for what became an unmatched success at that point in the Portuguese music scene.[citation needed]

The homonymous album Humanos scored quintuple platinum status, staying for weeks in #1. "Muda de Vida", "Maria Albertina" and "Rugas" are just some of the group hits.

All this culminated in three sold-out concerts, two of them in Coliseu dos Recreios (Lisbon) and the other in Porto. There was also another memorable performance, in front of a crowd of 40,000 people, at the Festival do Sudoeste Portuguese summer music festival, in 2005.

Humanos however was a short-lived project, as there were few unreleased António Variações’ songs. Thus, the release, in November 2006, of a CD and a DVD recorded at the Coliseu concerts, marked the end of the Humanos project.

All songs by Humanos were written by António Variações who recorded them as demos only and kept them in a shoe box, found after his death.




Debut album released in 2004. Lyrics and music is by António Variações

  1. A Teia
  2. Quero É Viver
  3. Muda De Vida
  4. Na Lama
  5. A Culpa É Da Vontade
  6. Maria Albertina
  7. Rugas
  8. Gelado De Verão
  9. Amor De Conserva
  10. Já Não Sou Quem Era
  11. Não Me Consumas
  12. Adeus Que Me Vou Embora

Humanos ao Vivo[edit]

Live album released in 2006. Lyrcs and music is by António Variações

  1. Na Lama
  2. A Culpa É Da Vontade
  3. A Teia
  4. Estou Além
  5. Maria Albertina
  6. Já Não Sou Quem Era
  7. Adeus Que Me Vou Embora
  8. Anjinho da Guarda
  9. Amor De Conserva
  10. O Corpo é que Paga
  11. Gelado De Verão
  12. Hardcore (1º Escalão)
  13. Rugas
  14. Eu Estava a Pensar Agora Em Ti
  15. Não Me Consumas
  16. Quero É Viver
  17. Muda De Vida

It contains a documentary Humanos - A Vida de Variações and videos "Muda De Vida", "Maria Albertina", "Quero Viver"

  • 2005: Humanos in Festival Sudoeste


Both studio album and live album as well as DVDs credited to:

Chart performance[edit]

Year Album POR
Chart positions[1]
2004 Humanos 1
2006 Humanos ao Vivo -


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