Humpty Dumpty (pinball)

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"Humpty Dumpty"
ManufacturerD. Gottlieb & Co. [1]
Release dateOctober 25, 1947 [2]
DesignHarry Mabs
ArtworkRoy Parker
Production run6,500 units[2]

Humpty Dumpty is a historically important pinball machine released by Gottlieb on October 25, 1947.[2] Named after Humpty Dumpty, the nursery rhyme character, it is the first pinball machine to include flippers — invented by Harry Mabs [3] — distinguishing it from earlier bagatelle game machines.[1][4]


Humpty Dumpty had six of these flippers, referred to as "flipper bumpers" by the company.[5] However, unlike modern pinball tables, they faced outward instead of inward and were not placed at the bottom of the table near the main outhole.[6]

Like all early pinball tables, Humpty Dumpty was constructed with wood and had backlit scoring in preset units of scoring rather than mechanical reel or electronic LED scoring.

Digital Version[edit]

The table was virtually recreated in pinball simulation video game, Microsoft Pinball Arcade.


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