Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) General Staff Scientific Research Centre

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The Hungarian Defence Forces General Staff Scientific Research Centre (Hungarian: Honvéd Vezérkar Tudományos Kutatóhely) is a part of the Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) and works directly under the General Staff.

Research Centre strategy[edit]

In accordance with the designation, operation, short-, middle- and long-term development programs of the HDF General Staff as well as with the national researches, the scientific and professional research supports the scientific and professional foundation of the mission and jobs of the organization and its underlying military organizations, the commander decision-making, the scientific education and continuative education through the operation of their system. It provides appropriate scientific forecast on the area of operation and building of the armies and research and development.

Main areas of their activities[edit]

Organization of scientific jobs, completion of researches, and support the innovation of research results, scientific education and continuative education, scientific information supply, scientific cooperation, organization of scientific events, care for professional and scientific publications.[1]


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