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Huntington County Community School Corporation (HCCSC) is the Indiana public school district in Huntington County, Indiana, USA. It operates six K-5 elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. HCCSC serves all of Huntington County including the communities of Andrews, Bippus, Huntington, Majenica, Markle, Mount Etna, Roanoke, and Warren.

On 10 October 2009 - 5,985 children attend the schools.

Since fall 2012 HCCSC is a 21st Century School Corporation, meaning the students have a 1:1 technology advantage. That technology is the use of iPads. Currently only the two middle schools and high school are using the iPads, but the cooperation plans to implement the iPads in the elementary schools the fall of the 2013 school year bringing the 21st Century initiative to the entire corporation.


All administrators and most directors work in the Horace Mann Eduacation Center.

The Superintendent of Huntington County Community School Corporation is Mr. Randy Harris. The Assistant Superintendent for Instruction is Mr. Chad Daugherty. The Assistant Superintendent for Business and Classified Staff is Mr. Jon Bennett. Serving as the transportation director is Vanessa Fields. The Director of Adult Education is Mrs. Tiffanney Drummond. The Director of 21st Century Technology is Mr. Tom Ashley.

Elementary Schools[edit]

The six elementary schools in HCCSC include Andrews Elementary, Flint Springs Elementary, Lancaster Elementary, Northwest Elementary, Roanoke Elementary, and Salamonie Elementary.

Andrews Elementary School is located in Andrews, Indiana in Huntington County. The school's principal is Ms. Amy Rudolf. As of March 29, 2010, the school had 282 students enrolled.

Flint Springs Elementary School is in Huntington, Indiana. The principal is Mrs. Aimee Lunsford. As of March 2010, Flint Springs Elementary had an enrollment of 465.

Lancaster Elementary School also located in Huntington, Indiana had 253 students enrolled as of 3/2010. The school's principal is Mr. Russ Degitz.

Lincoln Elementary in March 2010 had an enrollment of 400 students. The principal is Dr. Adam Drummond.

Northwest Elementary, located in the northwestern part of Huntington County, had 340 students attending the school in March of 2010. The principal of the school is Mr. Mark DuBois

Roanoke Elementary School had an enrollment of 363 students. It is located in Roanoke, Indiana. The school's principal is Mr. Cristopher Tillet

Salamonie Elementary, located in Warren, Indiana, was formerly a K-8 school, but since fall of 2011 is just an elementary school. The school had an attendance of 457 students and the principal of the school is Mr. Rick Reed.

Middle Schools[edit]

The two middle schools in HCCSC include Crestview Middle School and Riverview Middle School.

Crestview Middle School serves as the junior high school for the northern part of Huntington County. In March of 2010 the school had an enrollment of 646 students. Is rated a "B" school by the state. Also known for the music arts program run by Doug McElhaney and John Wenning. The principal of the school is Mr. Chuck Werth. The assistant principal is Mr. Brad Ludlow.

Riverview Middle School is the junior high school that serves the southern part of Huntington County. 790 students were enrolled in March, 2010. The principal is Mr. Curt Crago, and the assistant principal is Mr. Michael Parsons. The school has a great academic Super Bowl team and is a leader in the area in robotics.

High School[edit]

There is only one high school in Huntington County Community School Corporation. It is Huntington North High School.

Huntington North High School serves as the only high school in Huntington County. In March of 2010 the school had a student enrollment of 1,841. Also known for Its choir program led by Chuck Baker. The principal is Mr. Russ Degitz. The assistant principal is Mr. James Bragg. The two deans of students are Mrs. Jami Craft and Mr. Rod Richison.

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