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A Hurricane Local Statement is a weather statement produced for the public by local Weather Forecast Offices of the National Weather Service in or near an area affected or forecast to be affected by a tropical storm or hurricane which provides an overview of the storm's local effects, including expected weather conditions, evacuation decisions made by local officials, and precautions necessary to protect life and property.[1]

These statements are meant to complement statements released by the National Hurricane Center, which is focused on regional effects of tropical storms & hurricanes. Hurricane local statements will generally provide a condensed version of storm information provided in NHC advisories, while expanding on the local impacts of the storm and actions made by local officials in response to the storm.[2]

According to the National Hurricane Center, local hurricane statements generally present the following:[2]

  • A lead statement
  • A sentence detailing the counties, parishes, or cities covered by the statement
  • Watches and/or warnings in effect and the counties or parishes to which they apply
  • Recommended precautionary actions and the times they should be completed
  • Storm surge and storm tide information, including the times that various heights are expected, present heights, and their locations
  • Present winds and the expected time of onset of tropical storm or hurricane-force winds
  • Tornado, flood, flash flood, rip current, beach erosion, and inland high wind potential
  • The time of the next statement
  • Information on the probability of hurricane or tropical storm conditions may also be included. An example section of a hurricane local statement is provided below.


The following Hurricane Local Statement was issued by the National Weather Service office in Key West, Florida prior to the arrival of Hurricane Wilma. [3]

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