Husein-paša's Mosque

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Husein-paša's Mosque (Pljevlja)

Husein-paša's Mosque (Bosnian: Husein-pašina džamija, Хусеин-пашина џамија) is a well-known mosque in Pljevlja, Montenegro. It was built between 1573 and 1594.[citation needed] It was named by Husein-paša Boljanić from the Boljanići village, which was close to Pljevlja.[citation needed] It has the highest minaret in the Balkans.[citation needed] It is regarded as "one of the most beautiful sacral monuments of Islamic architecture in Montenegro".


The mosque has a square basis above which there rises a low-pitched dome set on a cubiform pedestal. An open porch covered with three small domes was formed in front of the main façade. A minaret was added close to the southern side.[citation needed] After it being struck by lightning in 1911, it was rebuilt into a slimmer and higher one, which is now the highest minaret in the Balkans.[citation needed]


The interior of the mosque and the porch are decorated with rich, in polychrome painted ornaments with floral motifs and quotations from Quran.[citation needed] Mihrab, mimber and mahvil abound in ornaments made in stalactites and in customary Turkish perforations.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 43°21′36″N 19°21′36″E / 43.3600°N 19.3600°E / 43.3600; 19.3600