Huxley College of the Environment

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Huxley College of the Environment
Type Public Baccalaureate
Established 1969
Dean Steven Hollenhorst
Location Bellingham, Washington, USA
Website Huxley College of the Environment

Huxley College of the Environment at Western Washington University is one of the oldest environmental colleges in the USA. The college is named after Thomas Henry Huxley, an English biologist who worked to advance the place of science in British life.[1]

Departments and Programs[edit]

The college has two departments, Environmental Science and Environmental Studies, and offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Undergraduate Degrees[edit]

Graduate Degrees[edit]

Huxley College Alumni[edit]

Over 5,000 students have graduated from Huxley College, many going on to work in various environmental-related industries including: habitat biology, renewable energy, environmental education, and more. Alumni are represented in the senior levels of various local, state, and federal institutions.[2]

Environmental Studies Building, home of Huxley College of the Environment


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