Hydrophonic (New Monsoon album)

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Studio album by New Monsoon
Released 2001
Genre Rock, Jazz, World
New Monsoon chronology

Hydrophonic is the first studio album by the San Francisco, CA based band New Monsoon.

Track listing[edit]

  1. On The Sun
  2. Drivewheel
  3. Before I Begin
  4. African Rain
  5. Country Interlude
  6. Lucky Hour
  7. Wagon Train
  8. Cypress
  9. Mean Poem
  10. Vickassippi
  11. Transgression


New Monsoon:

Brian Carey - percussion, conga, timbales
Heath Carlisle - bass, guitar, vocals, cover art
Phil Ferlino - organ, piano, keyboards
Rajiv Parikh - percussion, tabla, vocals
Bo Carper - acoustic guitar, banjo, dobro
Jeff Miller - guitar (electric), vocals (background)
Marty Ylitalo - drums, didjeridu

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