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Hype Hair
CategoriesBeauty magazine
FrequencyNine per year
CompanyUptown Ventures
CountryUnited States

Hype Hair magazine is a special interest publication featuring articles and photographs on hairstyles and beauty products for Women of Color. It also features many entertainment industry celebrities and it follows hair, fashion and beauty trends from the music, television and cinema world.[1] There is also an official website which claims to be “The Biggest Hair Website for Women of Color!”.

In 2013, Hype Hair was acquired by Uptown Ventures.[1]

The Premier issue of Hype Hair was in 1992. The full name was Hype Hair, subtitle, for Black Teens. The editor-in-chief was Belinda Trotter who created the concept and many of the features that are still included in the magazine. The concept of a full hair magazine started when Belinda Trotter was the editor-in-chief for 2 Hype fanzine under the Word Up! publication house. The section on hair styles of celebrities caught the attention of publisher Scott Figman who agreed a magazine featuring hairstyles should be published. Belinda's background in fashion and beauty was an asset to advertisers who believed in her vision. Belinda also was the editor-in-chief for Try It Yourself Hair however, Hype Hair became and still is one of the longest most successful hair magazines for women of color to date.


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