Hyposmocoma lebetella

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Hyposmocoma lebetella
Hyposmocoma species14.JPG
Illustrations in Fauna Hawaiiensis: 15. Hyposmocoma nebulifera, 16. Hyposmocoma torquata, 17. Hyposmocoma notabilis, 18. Hyposmocoma lebetella, 19. Hyposmocoma tenuipalpis, 20. Hyposmocoma commensella, 21. Hyposmocoma leporella, 22. Hyposmocoma abjecta, 23. Hyposmocoma blackburnii, 24. Hyposmocoma cupreomaculata, 25. Hyposmocoma progressa, 26. Hyposmocoma domicolens, 27. Hyposmocoma suffusa, 28. Hyposmocoma lupella
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Cosmopterigidae
Genus: Hyposmocoma
Species: H. lebetella
Binomial name
Hyposmocoma lebetella
Walsingham, 1907

Hyposmocoma lebetella is a species of moth of the family Cosmopterigidae. It is endemic to Maui. The type locality are Olinda and Haleakala, where it was collected on an altitude of 4,000 feet.

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