Hypsithocus hudsonae

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Hypsithocus hudsonae
Hypsithocus hudsonae.jpg
Dorsal view
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Euarthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hemiptera
Family: Pentatomidae
Genus: Hypsithocus
H. hudsonae
Binomial name
Hypsithocus hudsonae
Bergroth, 1927

Hypsithocus hudsonae, sometimes called the alpine shield bug[1] or black alpine shield bug, is a species of flightless shield bug endemic to New Zealand.[2] Few specimens have ever been collected and these have come from a relatively narrow geographical range. The New Zealand Department of Conservation classifies this species as 'At Risk,' with qualifiers 'data poor' and 'range restricted.'[3]


H. hudsonae are dark brown shield bugs, 7–9 mm in length. Their bodies are oval shaped and flattened.[4] Nymphs appear similar to adults except the margins of their bodies are pale brown.[5] It is the only flightless New Zealand shield bug.[1]

Life history[edit]

As with many species of Pentatomidae, H. hudsonae nymphs hatch from eggs and pass through five instars before reaching adulthood.[1]


Specimens have only ever been collected from a small number of mountain sites in Central Otago 1200–1700 m above sea level.[4] Their limited range may be explained by a lack of dispersal ability, as adults are flightless.[1] The species is herbivorous, and has been collected from Hebe odora, so probably feeds on that species.[4] Mating is likely to occur in summer and the species probably only has a single brood each year.[4]


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