Hysen Hoxha

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Hysen Hoxha
Born 1861
Gjirokastër, Ottoman Empire
Died 1934
Gjirokastër, Albania
Known for Uncle of Enver Hoxha
Assembly of Vlorë 1912
Mayor of Gjirokastër

Hysen Efendi Hoxha (1861–1934) was an Albanian nationalist, mayor of Gjirokastër, and the uncle of Enver Hoxha.


Hysen Hoxha was born in Gjirokastër, where his father Beqir was a supporter of the local branch of the League of Prizren. He studied theology in Istanbul. Hoxha was responsible for opening the first Albanian-language school in his region (named "Liria") and at the time of his nephew Enver Hoxha's birth in 1908 chaired a committee of national renaissance in the province. He also founded a folk ensemble. In November 1912 he served as a delegate from Gjirokastër to the Vlorë meeting on the occasion of the Albanian Declaration of Independence.

His impact on the early life of Enver Hoxha was felt due to Enver's father having been overseas in the United States of America as an economic emigrant. As an atheist he played a role in fostering Enver's own atheistic views at an early age.


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