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Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Heavy Metal
Years active 2005–present
Members Anni De Vil (Vocals)
Bitchie (Guitar)
SatAnica (Bass)
Hell'n (Drums)
Marydeath (Keyboard)
Past members RockZilla (Guitar)
Xotica (Bass)
Electra (Keyboard)
Sinderella (Liv Jagrell) (Vocals)

Hysterica is a heavy-metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. The band was founded in 2005. They recorded their first demo in 2006 which met with critical appraise. After several years of playing live gigs they finally released their first album MetalWar in 2009.[1] Besides Sweden, Hysterica have toured in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Russia. They performed at the 2009 Sweden Rock Festival. The band won the award for Newcomer in the Swedish Metal Awards in 2010.[2]





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