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Birth nameNicolas Chaix
GenresDowntempo, ambient, trip hop, lounge
Occupation(s)Producer, musician
Years active1996–present

I:Cube is the alias of French music producer Nicolas Chaix. Paris based, he first gained limelight on Paris' underground dance scene in the mid to late 1990s.

His first widely notable release under this pseudonym was a remix of Daft Punk's Around the world in 1996. Daft Punk later returned the favor, remixing I:Cube's own track Disco Cubizm also released in 1996.

I:Cube's first LP, Picnic Attack, followed in 1997

His music appears on many compilation albums such as the Hotel Costes series.


  • 1997 - Picnic Attack
  • 1999 - Adore
  • 2003 - 3
  • 2006 - Live At The Planetarium
  • 2012 - "M" Mega mix
  • 2018 - Double Pack

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