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Mysteries of The Church
Presented by Mari White
Country of origin  United States
Original language(s) English
Running time 30 minutes
Original network NET
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original release April, 15 2009 – present
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Website [[1] netny.net/icthuseq/%20ICTHus.EQ]]

ICTHus.EQ is a Christian music video program that airs on New Evangelization Television. ICTHus.EQ first aired on The Prayer Channel in 2007, which eventually became NET. Currently, the fourth season of ICTHus.EQ is slated to air in the spring of 2010. Each episode the host, Mari White, shows the latest and greatest in Christian music, often interviewing a musical group at the end of each episode. In previous seasons ICTHus.EQ has interviewed Rilent K, Angelina, Popple, Superchick and many others.[1]