International Dance Teachers Association

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International Dance Teachers Association
FormationFounded: 1903
Incorporated: 1967
Legal statusPrivate limited company (Ltd)
PurposeDance education and examination board
HeadquartersInternational House
76 Bennett Road
United Kingdom
Region served
UK and Worldwide
Chief Exec.
Elizabeth Murphy
Main organ
Board of Directors
Affiliations• British Dance Council
• Council for Dance Education & Training
• Central Council for Physical Recreation
• Theatre Dance Council International

The International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) is a dance teaching and examination board based in Brighton, England. Operating internationally, the IDTA currently has over 7,000 members in 55 countries. The IDTA is recognised by the national qualifications regulators in England and Wales, Ofqual and the Council for Dance Education and Training, and is also affiliated to the British Dance Council, the Central Council of Physical Recreation and the Theatre Dance Council International. The IDTA works in partnership with the Royal Academy of Dance. The IDTA publishes a print and online magazine for members titled Dance International four times a year.


The International Dance Teachers Association was formed in 1967 as the result of a merger between the Dance Teachers' Association (DTA), and the International Dancing Masters Association (IDMA). Both of these organisations were formed from the merging of older dance teaching associations, with the earliest being established in 1903. The IDTA subsequently celebrated its centenary in 2003.[1]

The earliest predecessor of IDTA was the Manchester and Salford Association of Teachers of Dancing, founded in 1903. This later became known as the Empire Society, (ESTD), in 1938. In 1920, another group of teachers in Birmingham formed the Midland Association of Teachers of Dancing (MATD), which eventually merged with the Empire Society in 1961 to form the Dance Teachers' Association.

In the early post-World War I years, a number of other small dance organisations were formed: the English Dancing Masters Association (EDMA), the Premier Association of Teachers of Dancing (PATD), the Universal Association of Dane Teachers (UADT), and the Yorkshire Association of Dancing Masters (YADM). These four organisations merged in 1930 to form the International Dancing Masters' Association.

After their merger in 1967,[who?] the organization was renamed the International Dance Teachers' Association.[1]: 32 

Notable people[edit]

Ballroom branch[edit]

  • Walter Laird – Former dancer and teacher of Latin American Dance and author of "Technique of Latin American Dancing"
  • Len Goodman – Former Ballroom Dance Champion, now a teacher, examiner and adjudicator. Goodman was head judge on the BBC1 series Strictly Come Dancing from its inception in 2004 until he retired from the position in 2016. He also judged on the American equivalent series Dancing With The Stars.

Theatre branch[edit]

Honorary members[edit]

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