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The IEEE Standard Association Award is presented annually to an IEEE-SA individual member (who is also an IEEE member) who has made an extraordinary contribution to establishing the IEEE-SA as a leader in standardization. Recognition consists of a crystal globe and certificate.

Achieving acceptance of an IEEE standard for worldwide implementation, harmonizing an IEEE standard with international market requirements, interacting with national and international bodies to enhance their understanding of the breadth and strength of the SA standards program are but examples of promoting the world-class leadership goal.

The International Award is to recognize an IEEE-SA member who whatever the venue or activity, has excelled in this endeavor


  • 2008 - Hermann Koch

"For dedication and perseverance in harmonization and adoption of standards in the Power Energy Society and standards activities"

  • 2007 - James W. Moore

"For considerable contribution to the IEEE Computer Society Software and Systems Engineering Standards Collection (S2ESC) and the international collection of software engineering standards supported by ISO/IEC"

  • 2006 - Ben C. Johnson

"For his vision and leadership in establishing the IEEE/IEC Dual Logo Agreement, and positioning the IEEE as a leader in international standards development"

  • 2006 - Roger B. Marks

"For his dedication to advancing broadband wireless access technology, for leadership in advocating one worldwide BWA standard, and for promoting the international recognition of the IEEE Standards Association"

  • 2005 - Denis Dufournet

"For his enthusiastic promotion of circuit breaker standards harmonization based on a deep knowledge of electrical phenomena occurring during the interruption process in circuit breakers "

  • 2005 - Carl R. Stevenson

"For his leadership in gaining global radio spectrum for RaduiLANs based on IEEE Standards "

  • 2004 - Michael R. Murphy

"For contributions to internationalization of IEEE standards and global harmonization of human exposure limits for radio frequency energy "

  • 2003 - Ronald C. Petersen

"For his leadership in establishing an international role for the IEEE Standards Association in the harmonization of standards for electromagnetic safety"

  • 2002 - Wallace S. Read

"For a substantial contribution towards accomplishing a greater recognition of IEEE Standards in the international community"