Institut d'études politiques de Rennes

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Rennes Institute of Political Studies
Institut d'études politiques de Rennes
IEP de Rennes1.JPG
Type Public
Director Patrick Le Floch
Location Rennes, France
48°07′17″N 1°40′06″W / 48.121391°N 1.66834°W / 48.121391; -1.66834
Affiliations European University of Brittany
Website IEP homepage
Institut d'études politiques de Rennes is located in Rennes
Institut d'études politiques de Rennes
France Rennes

The Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Rennes (or "Rennes Institute of Political Studies") also known as Sciences Po Rennes, is a French university established in 1991 in Rennes, the regional capital of Brittany. The institution is one of 10 political science institutes in France and is considered one of the grandes écoles.[1]


Sciences Po Rennes was created by government decree in 1991.[2]


The curriculum is centered on political sciences, history, sociology, economics and management studies; and may also include law, communications, finance, urban policy, and journalism. Students are taught at least two foreign languages and must spend one year abroad in order to achieve proficiency in their second language.[3]


Sciences Po Rennes currently offers a 5-year programme composed of a three-year-long undergraduate programme and a two-year graduate programme in compliance with the Bologna Process.[4] The primary diploma is equivalent to a master's degree. Sciences Po Rennes has more than 100 exchange-agreements with universities throughout the world including partnerships with Queen Mary University of London, Free University of Berlin or Boston University. Student selection is based on a competitive written examination at the end of secondary school (acceptance/selection rate is currently around 8-10%).[5]


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Coordinates: 48°07′17″N 1°40′06″W / 48.12139°N 1.66833°W / 48.12139; -1.66833