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IGEPAL CA-630 is a nonionic, non-denaturing detergent. Its official IUPAC name is octylphenoxypolyethoxyethanol. IGEPAL is a registered trademark of Rhodia.

IGEPAL CA-630 is sold by Sigma-Aldrich and serves as a "chemically indistinguishable" substitute for Nonidet P-40. All IGEPAL CA surfactants are derived from octylphenol. This serves as the hydrophobic part. Different amounts of ethylene oxide are combined with this part to get a balance of hydrophobic/hydrophilic substances (measured by HLB). This balance has an important impact on wetting detergency, foam, solubility, emulsification. IGEPAL CA-630 has HLB of 13.4, similar to that of Triton X-100 (13.1) and thus belongs to the detergent range (HLB 13-15); this is significantly less than 17.8 of tergitol NP-40 or 16.7 of Polysorbate 20, which both belong in the solubilizer range (15-18) of HLB.

Ca-630 is completely miscible with water.

Human Toxicity[edit]

CA-630 is not a primary skin irritant nor sensitizer.[1] However, it is a severe eye irritant.[2]

See also[edit]

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