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The INMOTION SCV self-balancing, sensor controlled, battery-powered dicycle from INMOTION Technologies of Shenzhen, China.


Base on Dynamic Stabilization principle, INMOTION SCV applies the latest dynamic self-balancing technology and FOC technology with the assistance of gyroscopes and accelerometers to sense the rider's body movements while driving, and uses servo control systems to precisely drive the motors to keep it always balanced. To turn, the rider presses the handlebar to the left or the right. INMOTION SCVs are driven by electric motors and can reach a speed of 9 miles per hour (14 km/h). It has been compared to Segways.[1][2] SCV is an abbreviation for sensor controlled vehicle.

INMOTION SCVs perform best in smooth sidewalks. Weighing in at of 35 pounds (16 kg), it is advised to be used for urban commuting and touring.


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