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IOGT-NTO main office building at Stora Essingen in Stockholm.

IOGT-NTO is a Swedish temperance movement, the Swedish branch of IOGT International. In 2007, it had approximately 46,000 members, in 1,000 local groups.[1]


IOGT-NTO was formed in 1970, through the merger of the Swedish chapter of IOGT with Nationaltemplarorden (NTO), a Christian Swedish temperance organization.

IOGT was established in Sweden in 1879, when the first local chapter was started in Klippan, and was then called Godtemplarorden. In 1888, a group of people left Godtemplarorden to form another temperance order, Nationalgodtemplarorden. The latter group was merged with the Templarorden, a Swedish branch of the American organisation Templars of Temperance, in 1922, to form the NTO.[1]


IOGT-NTO works to promote total abstinence from alcohol among its members and in society. The organisation also offers a variety of study circles in various subjects, which are open to non-members.

It operates two Folk high schools, and a treatment facility for alcohol abusers.[1]

Youth organisations[edit]

The youth organisation affiliated with IOGT-NTO is Ungdomens Nykterhetsförbund, which as of 2007 had 125 local clubs. IOGT-NTO also runs an organisation for children, called Junis.[1]

Nykterhetsrörelsens Scoutförbund (The Temperance Movement's Scouting Association) is a scouting organisation which is also part of IOGT-NTO.[1]

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